ECLAT Body Wash with Rejuvenating Rosemary Oil


  • Your best body wash ever: Studies show a 72% improvement in skin texture in just 14 days. After 7 days, 96% noticed their skin was clearer.
  • 2X More Hydration with Organic Coconut Oil: Most body wash is diluted with drying SLS & parabens. Our body wash contains Pure Coconut Oil with Essential Fatty Acids (Vitamin E) for up to 82% more nourishment than other brands.
  • 3X Less Sebum with Balancing Ginseng Extract: Unlike less potent body washes that contain greasy carrier oils, ours has been formulated with Antioxidant-Rich Saponin from GINSENG EXTRACT to balance sebum by up to 73%.
  • Hand-Picked in West Africa for 3X Purity: Regular shea butter is heat processed at 80°C, deodorised & manufactured using chemicals & preservatives. Our WOMEN-RUN COOPERATIVE in Ghana hand-pick each nut at their ripest, before roasting to preserve 98.8% of shea butters purest antioxidants.
  • Specially formulated ingredients for all skin types, non-drying, 100% VEGAN & ORGANIC. We are DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED for oily skin, and PROUDLY SULPHATE/SLS FREE.

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Bayaran Penuh Bayar dengan Pelan Ansuran

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