ECLAT Organic Castor Oil Pure Extra-Virgin


  • If you don’t fall in love with our certified organic castor oil within 100 days (although we’re sure you will), contact us directly to return your oil for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Common castor oils are refined, removing critical nutrients such as Omega-6. Ours is UNREFINED & DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED TO SHOW RESULTS: After 10 days, 96% of users saw visible improvements in hair length, volume and brilliance. 92% of users said their lashes and brows looked fuller and longer. 91% said their skin looked more radiant and nourished.
  • Unlike regular castor oils that are made from older, lower quality castor beans, manufactured for kitchen rather than cosmetic grade, chemically deodorized to hide smells, or diluted with water, we hand-select and hand-process only the freshest seeds with the optimal ripeness (vibrant red) for maximum effectiveness.
  • We cold-press the castor beans at 1-4°C (vs. 60°C+ of regular castor oils) to preserve the most valuable, heat-sensitive micronutrients and micro-stabilizers. Our patented UV-protective FrostProtect glass bottle further ensures optimal stability & sustained potency.
  • We hand-harvest (as opposed to animal harvest) and sustainably source the castor seeds from their endemic growing region in Brazil’s southeast. These traditional processes guarantee our oil’s outstanding absorption and proudly make it FILLER/PARABEN/HEXANE/CRUELTY-FREE.

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