ECLAT Rose Water – 100% Pure & Unrefined Alcohol Free Toner for Face & Skin


  • Common rose waters are made from cheaper rose powder, oil or concentrate. Ours is made from fresh rose petals & dermatologist approved to show results: After 10 days, 96% of users said their skin looked more radiant, nourished, and smooth. 95% of users saw visibly more hydrated skin.
  • Unlike regular rose waters that are made from older, lower quality rose petals, manufactured for kitchen rather than cosmetic grade, chemically deodorized to hide smells, or diluted with water and alcohol, we hand-select and hand-process only the freshest rose petals with the optimal ripeness (vibrant red) for maximum effectiveness.
  • We single steam-distill the fresh rose petals (vs. double & heat distillation of regular rose waters at 120ยฐC+) on 1st extraction (vs. lower quality 2nd extraction) with our proprietary HydroDistillation technology to extract the most valuable micronutrients and micro-stabilizers.
  • We sustainably source the rose petals from farms in their optimal growing region in Bulgariaโ€™s โ€˜rose valleyโ€™. Unlike most other rose waters that use cheap aloe powder or concentrate, we use the actual petals and are fully alcohol free.

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